What’s New in Google AdWords and How Will It Affect You

by Diana Prodan

2017 is already proving to be one of many changes in the ad world, and Google AdWords is leading the pack. Check out these three new changes that have either being recently implemented or are coming soon to your AdWords accounts: Read more


Why Bidding on Brand Terms is Important for SEM

by Kelly Brickman

If you have employed a paid search campaign, you should be focusing on your own brand and you can do so by bidding on your brand terms. While there are ongoing debates on the benefits of bidding on your own keywords, most seasoned marketers will tell you that you should be. The benefits of bidding on your own brand terms outweigh the cons because brand paid traffic is an essential part of an effective digital strategy. Read more


Ok Google, How Do I Optimize for Voice Search?

by Diana Prodan

Voice search is not necessarily a new concept – in fact, the Google Mobile app had a “search by voice” feature for Blackberry and iPhone back in 2008. What is new, is the increased usage of voice search features as well as how sophisticated voice search has become in the past few years. Read more

Putting your Automotive Search Campaign in the Driver’s Seat

by Kirk Lutz

 In the wild and wonderful world of search engine marketing, it can be difficult for automotive dealerships (or anyone for that matter) to know how to optimally structure a search campaign.  A dealership has multiple fronts to focus efforts on, for example, new cars, and used cars (including certified pre-owned). With numerous makes and models inside those aforementioned categories, it can become quite confusing when you layer in search engine elements to structure a campaign.  Knowing which keywords to bid on for a particular car and how to group campaigns, adgroups, etc. can become rather cumbersome & overwhelming, leading to a burnout. Read more

Making the Most of Your Paid Search Budget

by Ben LeMaster

The paid search space is bursting with benefits. Instead of having to hunt down potential customers, the customers are doing all the lead gen work themselves by actively searching for your products and services. They’re already engaged and committed to purchase, so closing the deal takes a lot less legwork. Beyond that, you’re only charged when your ads are clicked, so any ad that is not clicked is free brand awareness. That being said, paid search is hardly a relaxing day at the beach. All of these benefits are attractive to businesses, making it a highly competitive space. Luckily, Google likes to reward campaigns that work hard and put those precious customers first. Read more

small business challenges

How to Conquer the Top Digital Marketing Challenges for Small Business

by Diana Prodan

According to the 2016 Small Business Marketing Trends Report, only about 37% of respondents believe that their current marketing efforts are effective. In the same study, 46.8% of participants said that they as the business owner are the ones who manage the marketing. For small businesses, this isn’t surprising. As a business owner, you have so many other tasks to worry about – management, budget, sales, etc., and marketing is often just another task on the long laundry list of things to do. Hiring additional help to run marketing costs significant money, so marketing often just doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Below is a list of some of the biggest digital marketing challenges that small businesses face, and a couple tips on how to conquer them. Read more


Three Kinds of Businesses that Shouldn’t Invest in SEM

by Dan Hartman

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), paid search, pay-per-click (PPC), cost-per-click (CPC) – whatever term you use, it describes the practice of paying for advertisements to appear higher on search engine results pages. Text-based or visual, these ads help consumers see important information about the paying company quickly, and can help a business drive more qualified leads. Read more

google algorithm update possum

What You Need to Know About Possum, Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

by Nick Mezlak

Google has given us various versions of Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon algorithm updates, but recently they released the latest addition to the “Google Zoo” – Possum. From what we understand about Possum, it is the newest local algorithm update that has hit the 3-pack local finder, better known as the Maps Pack. The update may have also affected organic search engine results as well.
Read more

google algorithm update penguin

Penguin 4.0 – Google’s Algorithm Update and How It Impacts Your Business

by Nick Mezlak

It took nearly 2 years, but the latest version of the Penguin algorithm launched on Friday, and SEOs everywhere are rushing to identify the impact. More important than just the impact on results that we’ve seen up to this point are the major changes that the algorithm brings in this latest iteration.
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Mobile search strategy

Carrying Your Mobile Search Strategy into the Future

By Diana Prodan

We have long surpassed the tipping point of mobile searches surpassing desktop searches, and Mobilegeddon has come and gone, so it’s no longer a case of whether a mobile search strategy is important – it is. It is now a question of how to optimize mobile search best for your audience’s preferences and behaviors. We’ve compiled some tips on how to take your mobile search strategy one step forward, and keep it relevant for the future.
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