Several years ago, our parent company, Advance Publications, made a commitment to the idea that data was the future of digital marketing.  With this in mind, Advance joined into a partnership with Lotame, a Data Management Platform (DMP), in order to house and mine information from our own online readers.  Thus begins our obsession with data!

A data management platform is defined as a warehouse that aggregates anonymous “cookie-based” data from a variety of online and offline sources (cookies are the bits of information that you leave behind as you browse the web). That data is tracked, collected, mined and analyzed and gives organizations the ability to easily review data in an organized way. It’s essentially the backbone of any data-driven marketing or advertising organization.  As a consumer, rest assured we’re not collecting anything personal about you–everything we do is based on anonymous data points.

All of the 1st and 3rd party data that we gather and analyze at Advance Ohio lives in our DMP. Lotame allows us to slice and dice this audience data in a strategic, simplified way so we are using the right data that is relevant to your business. Because Lotame is a “Cross-Device” DMP, we can find your customers no matter where they are. If you need to reach an African American mom, who is a registered nurse, has a household income of $100K+ and is registered to vote as Republican, we’ll help you find her.  She could be on her tablet, iPhone or desktop computer. We can send her messaging regardless of the site or app with which she’s engaged—whether she’s checking out, browsing her Facebook or Instagram feed, reading about the presidential candidates on the NBC News app or catching the Cavs highlights on

One other unique offering that is available through our DMP is mining your customer data. For any business that collects information about their current or prospective customers, we are able to ingest that data into our DMP, anonymize that data (removing all of the personally identifiable information or PII) and build out online matches to that data. Using this information helps to analyze your customer base, build lookalike audiences by profiling your existing customers or send messaging to previous customers in a strategic way. These communication strategies can be blended in any online environment—display, mobile, video, social, etc.

Ultimately, the use of a Data Management Platform can help you make smarter decisions about who you should target, what you should say and how you should reach them.

Contact us today to find out how you can leverage our robust Data Management Platform to help you drive business further!