In 2023, Ohioans voted to approve ballot issue 2, legalizing recreational marijuana in the state. As a result, Ohio will become the 24th state with such a designation. This change will take effect in late 2024, though many dispensaries are planning now for what this change will mean for them. As they grapple with their changing business model, Advance Ohio and our Cannabis 360 partners are ready for questions, support, and guidance.

Navigating Regulated
Advertising Options

Good News for Cannabis Marketing

The cannabis category is one that requires purposeful navigation to market. Rife with challenge, laws and regulations at the Federal, State, and even County level can make advertising tricky. Many cannabis-related businesses are questioning how to stand out in a market so heavily regulated. The good news: there ARE strategies these businesses can use to advertise products and services. We’re here to help.

Data & audience targeting

Cannabis marketing requires best-in-class promotions. We use data you already have, plus first- and third-party data we own. Together, these drive activity and generate results. Combine audience targeting with meaningful content served with impactful creative. Together, we’ll build strategies centered around the prospects and audiences you strive to attract. We know how to find your audience wherever they are online.



Using geo-targeting, we can target competitive locations and serve your ads to parties we know are interested in the products you sell. Then we message then later, and track that user to your brick-and-mortar store. Taking customers from your competitor is within your reach.


Advance Ohio’s Cannabis Insights events provide industry leaders and insiders the ability to learn, network, and grow from one another. Each event also provides partners with an outlet to connect with the broad public of Ohio, giving them the opportunity to create relationships and build trust through

Cannabis Partners Benefit from Educational Forums Hosted with the Help of

In November, just after the recreational ballot initiative passed, and Harvest of Ohio partnered for an informative virtual experience on the use of medicinal cannabis products. This event featured experts from healthcare, pharmacy and dispensary sectors, and offered the audience insights on how to speak to their doctor, tips on healthy dosage/consumption, and even the science of cannabis absorption in the bloodstream. With 322 registrants for the event, the subject clearly struck a chord for audiences seeking to better understand the industry and product. By clicking here, you can watch our event for yourself.

What We Do


Business Consultants

Our consultants make your internal team stronger, without adding staff.

Media Specialists

Placing your marketing messages within Michigan’s number one news source is just the beginning. We do digital at the local, state and global levels, targeting audiences by geography, demographics and behavioral characteristics.

Lead Generators

We grow businesses we partner with, and marketing isn’t the only way. Lead Generation is a specialty, using data you already have to create your next best customer.

Our Expertise

These case studies will direct you to real successes achieved for cannabis clients, as performed in our Michigan market to the north. With fulfillment teams that serve the Midwest as a whole, your dispensary or cannabis business can replicate these results with our team.


Cannabis Consumer Research Drives Better Marketing Decisions for MLive Customers

52% indicated the Budtender has a large influence over what they purchase. Only 9% of consumers described the Budtender was not at all important to their purchasing decisions.


Geo-fencing Targets the Competition

In the rapidly emerging market of retail cannabis, our client has store locations in multiple states and continues to expand.


Frequency Models Impact Consumer Response In Cannabis

With a brand centered around holistic health and wellness, Nature’s ReLeaf came to market before the boom, and have expanded their operations to build upon Michigan’s industry growth.

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