Even in the midst of COVID-19 (and maybe because of it) homeowners are thinking about big ticket projects around the house. Even though cities throughout Ohio are starting to open up again, we’re nowhere back to normal.  And with travel and vacations being put on hold, consumers are thinking how they can invest in making their own home a more fun and comfortable place to be for the entire family.  

In early May, Google published a “Rising Retail Categories” tool that ranks top retail searches in real time.  Since it published the tool, outdoor and home improvement items have dominated the top 20 list.

With thousands of dollars not being spent on vacations and mortgage refi rates at all-time lows, many homeowners think now is the time to invest in their own properties.

How can your contracting business attract these customers?  To get in front of consumers today, you have to add on to your bottom-funnel lead strategy that only catches searchers through search engine marketing.  SEM doesn’t make a connection with buyers, inspire them or get them dreaming about bigger projects.  You need a more sophisticated awareness and engagement strategy to drive big deals.  

Marketing During COVID-19 – Remember the Following: 

1. You need to engage homeowners and get them dreaming (these are emotional purchases – not immediate needs). So, you help them to justify it their plans with a content strategy that positions you as the expert and points them to the benefits.

2. The actual ROI on home improvement projects can vary. Some projects like decks, outdoor living spaces, siding and windows can be nearly 100% recouped by increasing the resale value according to HGTV.  But the return on investment homeowners are looking for is more quality time at home with loved ones.  That kind of return is priceless, and it’s a strong motivator for them to consider.

3. Stuck-at-home customers are dreaming of home improvements. Help them dream with “dream” blogs and photo galleries that show renovation ideas, photo galleries of notable jobs and testimonials from happy customers.  Give them as much information as you can about the return-on-investment major projects could bring to their property.

4. Very important – Proactively communicating the steps you’ve taken to reduce face-to-face meetings, increasing virtual communication and enforcing worker health and safety guidelines could be the extra peace-of-mind that homeowners need to choose to move ahead with a major project.

Now more than ever, homeowners are ready to reap the benefits of major projects from windows and doors to dream outdoor spaces.  Will you be top of mind as they dream, plan, research, and purchase their next home improvement?

Advance Ohio is here to help you as your business manages the ever-changing times. Contact us today to learn how your business can be successful in the COVID-19 economy.