If your business is looking to grow, promote your brand, increase sales, and most importantly generate more business leads, you should consider running a sweepstakes promotion, and here’s why. As we continue to evaluate the current situation of our country, one thing is certain: you want your business to thrive.

A sweepstakes is easy to run, and when done correctly, their benefits are far greater than many other marketing methods. As you evaluate your business post lockdown, you’re probably thinking…  ‘How can I find an affordable way to get new customers, email subscribers, boost sales, or even gain more followers on social media?’

From a single sweepstakes promotion, your business can achieve all of this and more.

First, we have to identify what exactly a promotional sweepstakes is. A sweepstakes is a promotional drawing in which prizes are given away at no charge to the participants. Winners are selected at random – and it’s a great way to grow awareness of your business.

Partnering with cleveland.com on your sweepstakes promotions can offer many benefits, and here’s to name just a few:

  • Drives awareness and consideration of your brand to a hypertargeted, local audience
  • Generates a database of high-quality local leads
  • Surveys new business prospects to ensure they qualify as a potential customer for your business
  • Builds your email database for future engagement marketing
  • Grows your social media presence on multiple platforms

As an example, one of our clients generated over 2,000 new leads – blowing their goals out of the water. The sweepstakes campaign advertised their business to thousands of people and served digital display ads that described their business and its offerings.

That’s what we call a win/win.

Is your business looking to set up a sweepstakes and gain high quality, new business leads? Contact us today!