In November 2022, Chat GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) was dropped into the world by Open AI and everything in the marketing world changed, sort of.

What is Chat GPT?

It is a language model that generates human-like text in a conversational context.  (If you are a computer science student, this is like passing the Turing Test but not quite C3PO.)

The Chat GPT interface allows the user to provide a prompt to create. These prompts initiate the writing of blogs, programming code, diet plans, essays for school assignments, lead gen emails, taglines for your product, poems…the list is endless and, at times, overwhelming.

While there is no doubt that Chat GPT (or the idea of a generative AI) will change the way we interact with the digital world around us, let’s create a framework to think about the next 6 to 12 months in this space and their implications.

Chat GPT has the first-mover advantage but isn’t the only game in town. If this technology interests you, now is the time to jump in and play with all the AI products out there.

This is the dumbest that Chat GPT will ever be – which is impressive and worthy of attention. The skill with this tool will be your ability to write prompts that get the most out of the platform and technology, and Chat GPT hasn’t made enough content yet to be accurate all the time.

Caution: Copywrite questions. Currently, many marketers are using the answers to Chat GPT prompts for client work. At present, Chat GPT copyrights read pretty murky—leaving rules to future interpretation. Second, AI crawlers are already marking this content as fake because it didn’t originate with a human. Third, the biggest issue is Chat GPT is not perfect and tends to provide average work quickly. (When Chat GPT was asked to “take the SAT,” it scored only moderately.)

As marketers, rather than relying on the system fully, try using Chat GPT to brainstorm ideas, draft written content, streamline or automate internal processes, help with programming you don’t have time to learn, and even translations so that you can focus on the creative part of your work.

The biggest and immediate impact of Chat GPT will be in search and API. Microsoft has made a huge investment in Chat GPT in an effort to integrate it into customers’ everyday life. This will be how it achieves critical mass.

Nearly 50% of consumers polled say they don’t care if they speak to a human or AI if they get the result they are after. And content at volume may feel like a silver bullet for your SEO strategy, but technology can tell what originated from a human and what was crafted by machine learning.

Chat GPT has been in open beta for just over six weeks, so a few things will change in the next few months. First, Chat GPT is not connected to the internet, so it isn’t taking in real-time data yet. Second, Google, Apple, and Facebook are all working on their own versions, so while Open AI does have a first-mover advantage, it will not have the space to itself for much longer. Third, Chat GPT is currently free (thus, the odd copyright questions) but is launching a “pro” or paid platform next.

Chat GPT is a powerful new tool that is exciting in the digital space and will impact how work is done while allowing creative marketers to spend more time creating magic that positively impacts the world.

Despite the temptation this blog post was not written in part or whole by any sort of artificial intelligence, we promise.


Contributed by Eric Hultgren, Director of Branded Content


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