Employer branding is a company’s reputation as an employer and its value proposition, or what it offers to potential employees. Positive employer branding helps to attract and retain quality employees. The way companies recruit candidates for jobs and retain employees has changed. In a large part due to technology advancement, social media, and career review sites that make it easier for job applicants to find information. When making a decision on where to apply for a job, 84% of job seekers say the reputation of a company as an employer is important.1

Focus on these 4 steps to build a strong, unique employer brand that attracts top applicants.

      1. Increase interest in job postings

Stay away from generic and repetitive job postings. Review your job descriptions and identify where you can infuse interesting aspects of company culture to help make them stand out. Properly communicating the expectations, experience required, and benefits of a role can help wean out the unqualified applicants and attract qualified ones.

Develop a multi-channel recruiting strategy across social media, search, mobile, print, and digital display advertising. A robust SEM campaign can help drive qualified traffic to your careers site. Identify top recruiting areas and develop digital display and print advertising campaigns that are geo-targeted to those areas. Learn how to build out your social media recruitment initiatives on Facebook and LinkedIn. Advance Ohio can help with each of these recruiting strategies.

      2. Incorporate current employees

Have a commitment to company culture and strive for positive employee reviews, people trust what employees say over brand ads. what employees are saying about your business on your Glassdoor page or elsewhere online is extremely important. showcase unique employee experiences and perspectives via video content, social posts that show why their employees love where they work and encourage them to leave reviews on company social and Glassdoor pages. Your internal employees are a free, invaluable resource in elevating your employee branding strategy.

      3. Stay active on social media

One of the first places a candidate will look to get a sense of the company brand and culture is their social media channels. This is a great outlet to share your content and the great things you’re doing as a company. Incorporate company events, work culture, team building, benefits of working there, employee highlights, testimonials from employees, and even former employees who had a positive and exciting experience into your social media strategy.

      4. Integrate retention resources

For a new hire, the priority should be to provide them with the resources they need, so they stay with you as long as possible, along with improving the retention rates of your current employees. Retention is a key indicator of the inside workings and culture of any business. To boost retention and improve your employer brand, identify how to make the new-hire transition smoother, provide professional development opportunities, highlight internal career advancements, and prioritize hiring within.


All these elements will add to your employer brand and instill a sense of loyalty and respect among your employees to the company, helping you retain top candidates.

Let’s discuss how you can attract and retain quality employees.

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