Generating a content or creative strategy can be scary in the best of times. Knowing just what to do, how much to do and say can be daunting. A refreshing truth: the approach doesn’t need to be complex. The premise is easy — give more than you ask and invite engagement. Your posts should fall into two areas, Give and Ask.

What is a Give?

Give content is informative, educational, entertaining, or simply consumable. It provides a nugget of wisdom or some takeaway…for nothing. And often, it has more to do with the world than with your business. Penning a blog that tells the story of one of your key employees and their recent achievement is a give. Preparing a graphic to talk about allergens in the air at different times of year is a give. Offering study tips for students leading into finals week is a give. Providing a funny anecdote about a neighborhood stray that comes to the back door of your business each night is a give.

What is an Ask?

Anything that actively requests an action is an ask. “Call us today to book your event”, “Click here to sign up”, “Buy tickets”, or even “Now 50% off” is an ask. You know what “too much ask” feels like. When you follow a brand on social media and the only thing in the feed is “ask,” you’re quick to bow out or block the brand’s posts from appearing. Why? Because the frequency of ask feels like a one-sided relationship, where the brand is the only one benefiting.

During times of uncertainty, very little (if anything) should be asking for a sale. Not everything is about a call- to-action. Brands that offer relevant information or something entertaining will garner the most interaction. Watch these posts carefully — when your audience comments, respond! Tell your story. Share your grief. Share positivity messaging, and how you are helping people. Be sure to tell the world how your business has changed.

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