Marketo’s 2017 Marketing Benchmark Report, a survey of more than 1300 marketers from various company sizes, functional areas, and industries, provides a look at how marketers are adapting to digital marketing strategies. While the report covers various strategies and issues that marketers face in the field, we will specifically be highlighting some of the more interesting statistics revolving around the importance of multi-channel marketing.

Content Creation:  

  • The top challenge of global marketing deployment is content

Trouble creating content? You’re not alone. While content is just one piece of a bigger marketing strategy, it is one of the most time and labor intensive pieces of that strategy.

  • 68% of marketers publish content at least once a week

One thing that marketers need to keep in mind – more isn’t necessarily better. Make sure your content is tied to your goals and metrics and that you can use that information to demonstrate ROI.


Optimizing Channels:

  • Marketers invest the most in website, email, field sales, events, and paid search

Making sure each strategy is aligned and telling the same story is imperative across each channel of distribution.

  • 62% of marketers are scaling their marketing by duplicating over half of their marketing campaigns

For companies that need to scale marketing programs for a larger or separate audience, marketing automation can be a huge time saver and can help organizations continue working with fewer resources. Starting from scratch can be time and labor intensive, and automation helps optimize campaigns without having to start over.

  • Marketers are using digital advertising to market across the entire customer lifecycle

Digital advertising can help reach audiences at each step in the buying cycle from awareness, engagement, conversion, and event into the retention and upselling steps.


The Specifics:

  • 42% of marketers have a mobile-optimized website and 26% do mobile advertising as part of their mobile marketing strategy

We’ve said it and we’ll say it again, mobile is non-negotiable in the age of digital marketing. Marketers need to be prepared to communicate with customers on a mobile device no matter which channel is being used.

  • Social media posting frequency averages in times/week:
    • Twitter: 8.95
    • Facebook: 4.24
    • Instagram: 3.99
    • LinkedIn: 3.84
    • Other: 1.97

While the most posts can be found on Twitter, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best to market on. Social media network usage depends on where the target audience is located.

  • Over 25% of marketers spend more than a quarter of their marketing budget on social media ads

Paid social can be one of the most effective ways of reaching your audience, as long as you know who you’re trying to reach.

  • Marketers rank PPC as the most effective digital channel, followed by display and social

These days, it’s necessary for marketers to invest some of their budget into pay to play tactics like PPC, display, and social.


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