Boy, do we have some great news for you – Marketing sure doesn’t have to cost your business an arm and a leg!

Below are 6 ways you can market your business on a shoestring budget:


1. Create an email newsletter

Creating an email newsletter gives you a great opportunity to stay in regular contact with your customers. Newsletters can be produced in several formats. For businesses, the most economical and readily acceptable formats are plain text emails, or HTML emails.


2. Develop and implement a social media plan

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all great platforms for small – or large – businesses to create a following and advertise for free. Since the start of the current health crisis the is a huge increase on social media use. Make sure you are in front of your customers on an ongoing basis. Hear more insight on the different options and how to use social media, here!


3. Post quality content on your blog

If you do it right, blogging is an inexpensive way to create a bigger market for your products or services. Post regularly and make sure you have something of value to share with your target market!


4. Create a video

In times of physical separation, video is a great way to stay in touch and engage with your customers. You can post your videos on many social channels and on your webpage to keep your client interaction going.


5. SEO your company website/landing page

Search engine optimization, which helps potential customers find their way to you, is a crucial tool for your marketing strategy. SMART marketing won’t be effective if it isn’t seen. Keep your content relevant and reliable for the best results.

Here are some timesaving, effective, and low-cost tools to help you optimize your marketing campaign for search.


6. Analyze your CRM

Take the time to better understand and analyze your existing data into intelligence that helps you connect with your customers better – and in turn run your marketing and business more effectively. Your company’s data can help you target and engage your current and new customer base more efficiently – creating meaningful relationships that last.

* Let us know if you would like an expert from Advance Ohio review your current marketing strategy.