Picking a destination involves more than just breathtaking landscapes and budget deals. Though the desire to explore is ever-present, 2024 travel trends reveal a fascinating shift. Let’s consider the factors shaping travel choices across your travel audiences, and how the travel industry can tailor its marketing to captivate them.

While preferences differ, five key factors consistently influence where travelers set their sights:

Experiences over Things

This trend, supported by a McKinsey & Company report, highlights the growing desire for authentic, immersive experiences that connect with local culture and nature, replacing the quest for mere sightseeing. Think volunteering opportunities, culinary tours, and off-the-beaten-path adventures.

Sustainability and Wellness

Eco-conscious travel is booming, as a 2023 Booking.com study found. 82% of global travelers consider sustainable practices when choosing destinations. Travelers seek destinations that prioritize responsible tourism and offer opportunities for physical and mental well-being. Think eco-lodges, yoga retreats, and destinations dedicated to wellness practices.

Technology-Fueled Exploration

A 2023 Phocuswright report reveals that travelers increasingly rely on technology to discover hidden gems, book unique experiences, and share their journeys in real-time. Think AI-powered travel advisors, augmented reality experiences, and social media-driven recommendations.

Value and Flexibility

Budget-consciousness remains a priority, but value now extends beyond just price. Travelers seek flexible booking options, personalized packages, and experiences that offer lasting memories within their budget.

Community and Connection

Solo travel is on the rise, but the desire for connection persists. Travelers seek destinations and experiences that foster community, whether through group tours, cultural exchanges, or volunteering opportunities, as supported by a Hostelworld report on “Solo Travel Trends 2023.”

As you build your plan for 2024, consider messaging around these key areas. Generate content that features segments unexplored until now. And remember, your audience is savvy. They’ll be seeking this content wherever it exists, and with competing destinations as well. Be the first to answer their questions when typed into a search bar!


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