NFL Ratings Are Down: Could Digital Media be the Cause?

By Mike Fagans

According to Nielsen data, the NFL’s year over year viewership has been down 14% this season amongst the 18-49-year-old demographic and advertisers are starting to take notice. The election was blamed for stealing the spotlight from primetime games early on in the season, but the election has ended and the numbers have yet to bounce back. So what’s really going on here?  Are we ready for some football or not? Read more


What You Need to Know About Expanded Ads

by Diana Prodan

Expanded Text Ads are here, and they’re going to have an effect on how your business advertises. Learn more about them so you can stay on top of the online advertising game. Read more


Terms Every Data-Driven Marketer Should Know

By Diana Prodan

Data-driven initiatives are the latest trend in marketing and a really useful one to help markers create personalized strategies for their audiences. That being said, data-driven marketing seems to have its own language and may be difficult to understand for marketers that are just dabbling in the trend. Below are some of the main terms that every data-driven marketer who wants to “talk-the-talk” should know: Read more


Is Your Business Ready for the Holiday Season?

By Amy Neumann

Now is the time of year when people are gearing up to buy lots of gifts for lots of people.  While shoppers are looking for deals, they are also looking for creative or unique ideas, and opportunities to “Shop Local.”

With this in mind, now is a perfect time to get your message out there about your gifts and services. Read more


Can Audience Behavior Be Altered by Advertising?

By Jon Burger

The short answer? Yes, advertising can influence audience behavior. The long answer is a little more complicated than that.
Read more

digital news audience

The Digital News Audience at a Glance

By Diana Prodan

The news industry is seeing a reorganization as traditional media organizations are moving towards becoming more inclusive digital media. Many digital news agencies are now managed by technological companies, and the relationships are working out well – journalists are still integral to reporting and writing, while writers and stories need strong distribution channels that the tech companies are better at providing. Read more

advertising to busy parents

Reaching Busy Parents Through Back-To-School Digital Advertising

By Tara Verkhlin

It’s hard to believe the back-to-school season is already here! It feels like summer just started and here we are approaching the end of the season. Soon, kids will be back in school, PTA meetings back in session, fall sports practices will be starting, school fundraisers will kick off and the season is suddenly in full swing.

The back-to-school season especially provides a lot of advertising opportunities to everyone from large, national brands to small, local franchises. Local schools and events associated with the schools have opportunities like in-stadium banners, scoreboard advertising, and football programs that get a lot of attention in the fall, and can be an affordable option for many companies. Marketers with strict budgets will wonder how these opportunities will help their business, and the answer is simple – community awareness for your brand. Of course, these opportunities also benefit the local school or sports group through the donation that your company provides, but the reality is that these opportunities probably won’t provide a direct return on investment for your business. The best way to capitalize on these opportunities is to pair the with digital advertising to maximize your return. Read more

marketing resources

Great Marketing Resources from Our Team of Experts

Keeping up with digital marketing can be tough, but with the right resources, it’s doable. Below are the sites and tools that our team of experts uses to stay on top of industry trends. Read more

Stats to Prove the Power of Data-Driven Marketing

By Diana Prodan

Why is data so important to marketing? Because numbers tell the truth. Good data creates a path for marketers to follow and makes reaching your customers that much easier. It’s an invaluable tool that every organization should be using – but don’t take our word for it. Check out these stats on why data is important. Jump to infographic. Read more

13 Quotes to Inspire Great Marketing

By Kelly Brickman

Quotes allow us to identify and to understand another. For an example my favorite quote, said by fellow Clevelander Dave Lucas, “In the midst of the present, we are marked by the past. We bear it everywhere we go. But mostly we bear it here at home.” Knowing someone’s favorite quote gives you a better understanding of who that person is.

To better understand marketing, we’ve compiled a list of thirteen marketing quotes that explain the importance and value of the industry. Read more