Historically, our client depended on traditional media to engage with their audiences and to drive more sales and engagement to their stores. As trends shifted, the client saw a need for more consistent digital marketing efforts to frequently drive site/store traffic, and increase sales year over year.


  • Increase redemptions of quarterly coupon promotion
  • Increase brand awareness and engagement with thrift store retailer’s shopping and donating locations and educating people on who their donations benefit


Our strategy consisted of two phases, phase one was a digital campaign to promote the thrift
store retailer’s quarterly coupon promotion. Phase two was a brand awareness campaign:

Phase 1

  • Display: Targeting of potential shoppers based on the overlapping of 1st and 3rd party data and the CRM (customer relationship management) data that the retailer had provided.
  • Email Marketing: the coupon was featured in a weekly promotional email that highlights deals.
  • Print: Coupons were also distributed through print during higher circulation days, driving interest in the promotion to the more traditional audience.
  • Video: Created videos were targeted towards the identified audience and engagement.

Phase 2

  • Video: Targeted video that highlighted shopping coupons, donation locations, and the retailer’s social media.
  • Display: A wider target was cast to generate brand awareness and interest through display ads.
  • Content Marketing: Focused on where the thrift store retailer’s dollars go and promoted the organization.
  • SEO: An ongoing focus on increasing organic search results.


  • A 53% increase in coupon redemption rate from 2015 for an increase in ROI (return on investment) from sales of 87% in Q1-2016.
  • A 285% increase in coupon redemption rate from 2015 for an increase in ROI from sales of 385% in Q2-2016.
  • Increased brand awareness, including driving more than 5,900 additional visitors to the thrift store retailer’s website.


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