Using Relevance and Authority to Gain Attention

Your organization must be discoverable online. In healthcare, higher education, nonprofit, retail, or virtually any business segment, your website content must align with the terms your audience will intuitively use to search for answers. The closer the words used in the search are to the content and subjects covered on your website, the more your audience will be served your site in search result. Put simply, your website content should be optimized to the subjects that are most compelling for those searching.

In terms of Google, there are two primary metrics:


Relevance is a measure of how relevant your website content is to your business. Algorithms measure this in a few ways: how content is related to the intent of the search, keywords, back-end tags and meta descriptions.


Authority is the measure the value of a page to the search. This is determined by rankings of the number of shares or links back to the searched content, how well the site runs, and the mobile experience on the site. It’s more important than ever to make sure the content you create tells your story, and is valuable, up-to-date, and of good quality.

Engagement Magnifies the performance of Search

As part of Advance Healthcare, our Pennsylvania team used a combination of Search and Social Media to drive patients for a dentist’s office. Engaging with patients means healthcare organizations need to take it one step further than just posting information on a website. Social media is an important component of healthcare marketing that drives interaction and trust in a brand.

Providers using social media as one channel to amplify their story drive trust, connection, and real-time conversation with existing and prospective patients.  While only effective if it is consistently managed, engaging posts and content will drive brand recall, and may increase the number of branded searches as well as subject matter questions posed to Google, Yahoo or Bing.


ROI Grew by 5 Times During the Course of the Campaign

In this case study, a dental practice change hands. Prepared for the transition of patients, our client understood that engaging these patients through an effective marketing campaign was a critical step.

The plan started with a website optimized for use in mobile, and the addition of a pay per click campaign. After developing a purposeful keyword plan to attract new patients, the team used best practices to design a high return bidding strategy. Over time, this shifted prospects into long term, satisfied patients. Along the way, client engagement and recommendations have been critical to our strategy.

In addition to offering business referrals for our team, the practice has:


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