Position Yourself As the Expert Using a Regular Content Stream

Marketing content shouldn’t immediately be asking for the sale. Not everything is about a call- to-action. Brands that offer relevant information or something entertaining will garner the most interaction. While counter-intuitive to its lead generating purpose, your content strategy must offer something of value before your brand or business can be trusted. Nowhere is this more important than in healthcare.

Patients must stumble across your expertise and consume it naturally. That will happen if you balance information and data with calls to action, and promote content distribution purposefully.

Consider your Approach to Content Strategy

Anything that actively requests an action is an ask. “Call us today,” “Click here to sign up,” or “Make an Appointment,” is an ask. You know what “too much ask” feels like. When you follow a brand on social media and the only thing in the feed is “ask,” you’re quick to bow out or block the brand’s posts from appearing. Why? Because the frequency of ask feels like a one-sided relationship, where the brand is the only one benefiting. Audiences quickly experience fatigue.

Give content is informative, educational, entertaining, or easily consumed. It provides some takeaway…for nothing. Penning a blog that tells the story of one of your key employees and their recent achievement is a give. Preparing a graphic to talk about allergens in the air at different times of year is a give. Offering de-stressing tips for new parents is a give.

Brands that offer relevant information or something entertaining will garner the most interaction.

Content Generates Success for Infectious Disease Product Distributor

In our New York Market, our Advance Healthcare team worked with a client hopeful to launch two new, national products, connecting users with solutions for health and safety. Combining a robust digital marketing strategy with content creation. Using the kind of content development pointers above, a variety of assets were developed for distribution.

  • Landing Pages
  • Videos
  • Whitepapers
  • Sponsor Content and Web Articles
  • Email Communications

These materials were generated to feature the targeted industry types in their finished forms. That meant the experience felt personalized to the recipient, making the content feel more relevant and timely. The video collection was viewed more than 1 million times! Deployed using the emails, social media and display, the client experienced big results.

The Results Were Palpable:

Web traffic +


Online sales grew by


in less than 12 months


New users to the site

That means that patients that truly need your services will find them more easily.

Outcomes in content marketing, as in healthcare, take time. Be patient, but consistent. Content marketing is about your audience finding you, in their natural internet travels as well as in paid promotions and direct communications.


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