Sikora Family Dentistry, a husband and wife team of dentists, has grown their business since opening in North Olmsted 31 years ago. Drs. William and Christine Sikora boast a gentle, caring touch that puts patients at ease. An established client, their marketing strategy has grown alongside their business, positioning them as subject matter experts and aligning this reputable brand alongside our publisher brand.

From the beginning of our partnership, new client acquisition was a priority. From the start, Sikora Family Dentistry utilized pre-print advertising in The Plain Dealer to spread the word of their practice. Placing a flyer among the ad materials inserted into a Sunday paper, this initiative was a strong one that has proven results over time. In fact, this tactic is one still used monthly by the office.

Over time our partnership has grown. As the practice grew in number of patients, establishing the business as subject matter experts and a respected choice in dental care became increasingly important. This required a new level of creativity in the marketing strategy. It needed to build sentiment around the brand, which required a different approach than that of client recruitment.

Our team developed a tactic “bundle” that provided this client an opportunity to tell the story of both their expertise and their cutting-edge products, while simultaneously improving the return on investment that is their website—better positioning this critical touchpoint for patients and prospective patients alike.

article one
Content Example #1
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Using Sponsored Content

Separate from our editorial department, our sponsor content team at and The Plain Dealer generates clients’ content and written material, provides web content, editorial, sponsor content, whitepapers, advertising scripts and guides, and much more. Each member of this team was born of our well-established journalism staff, eventually navigating our organization to create the written word for our clients rather than our newspapers or publisher sites. They are extremely equipped to pen, proof or revise technical, advertising, or “friendly” narrative for our clients of all types, and have been tasked with this for numerous clients in the past. This team has developed a content series for Sikora Family Dentistry that showcases products, services and knowledge in the best possible light.

Sponsor Content clients, in addition to the narrative produced, also benefit from what is known as the “halo effect.” Because the material is published in an environment where trust and loyalty around content has been previously built, your story can be up to three times more effective in generating brand sentiment. This is further amplified by the digital display that is launched to position the articles to readers of throughout their usual digital travels through news and information found there.


Total readers
who consumed this content


Branding impressions that touted
the brand’s thought leadership


How ads featuring content on Technology
Advancements and New Findings
outperformed “tooth decay”

Pairing Content with SEO

Search Engine Optimization, when applied properly over time, builds the equity in a website, elevating position in search results and presenting a more appropriate construct to site visitors. This benefit is one that can be measured in both the number of new users to a site as well as a lift in organic traffic.

When using content and SEO in partnership, it’s best to plan for a moderate improvement over a long period of time, rather than expect an immediate lift. This slow and steady elevation is representative of a healthy, well rounded strategy, and has a lasting impact, rather than the “flash in the pan” that can occur with other more tactical marketing methods. Such is the case for Sikora Family Dentistry.

up 10 percent
up 4 percent

Creative Strategy Makes All the Difference

As a business evolves, so does the marketing strategy. Just as priorities change, targets move, and what’s considered “success” evolves over time, so should your approach to marketing. We are extremely proud to have partnered with this established, growing business. They truly are experts in their field.


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