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Reach an engaged, opt-in audience

Email marketing lets you talk to consumers about your products and services in a more personal environment with limited competition: their inboxes. It gives you a direct line of communication to customers and potential customers, taking them from their inboxes to your website with the click of a mouse. Email advertising allows you to direct people to your online store for conversion to sale, or drive them to your physical location with coupons and calls to action.

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Targeted Email with Multi-Channel Display

Boost your email marketing campaign’s success with multi-channel tactics that keep your brand in front of prospects wherever they consume media.

Our unique technology allows advertisers to go beyond the inbox and target prospective customers across multiple devices through one unified marketing campaign. Contact a single person on all of their devices in one managed process, for full brand immersion. Leverage email, desktop display, mobile in-app display and social display touch points to give your audience multiple opportunities to interact with your brand.

With our extended reach network, you get access to real-time bidding across thousands of newsletters from a variety of publishers. Display your message through this trusted environment to receive high engagement and positive results.

No matter if you advertise through our local newsletters or our extended reach network, you can leverage our targeting capabilities to optimize your email advertising campaign. Our rich audience data allows us to reach your perfect customer with precision.

email advertising Newsletters’s email newsletters cover a wide range of topics and reach more than 385,000 subscribers each week. Land in local customers’ inboxes right next to top news stories with limited competition for readers’ attention.

Participate in our Real Deals and Local Deals email marketing programs to promote exclusive offers to local deal seekers.


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