It’s a Leads Game. Get More than the Competition.

At Advance Ohio, we understand the automotive industry.  We have hundreds of auto clients nationwide, and we tell them all: More visits to VDP’s mean more appointments, more test drives, and ultimately more cars sold.  What we do differently is track that funnel intricately, and turn the dials to change the percentages converting in each level of your BDC.

Getting more of the right customers means one of two things.  Expanding the market, an option not always possible, or stealing share.  Let’s do both, together.


We combine insights from sales data with consumer research data to develop our strategic plan.  We understand your exact market share and placement within your competitive set before we launch and are committed to maximizing your effort.

Grow Market Share

We use reach and frequency to influence shoppers during the 60-day period they spend shopping.  We know what they are looking for online based on their search history, and can place messages in their path about your competing dealership or comparable model.  We know more about driving auto sales than our competitors. Who else can say they made a Midwest Buick dealership number one in the nation in 2017?

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