wireless carrier

wireless carrier


The Rundown

It was announced in October 2013 that a pre-paid wireless service provider, owned by a major US wireless carrier, would now be offered in the Cleveland market. Consumers are able to enjoy a wide variety of phones – with access to a nationwide 4G and a growing 4G LTE network, all for a low price. In order to create brand awareness in the Cleveland Market, the client chose a digital impression campaign that included multiple levels of audience targeting along with remessaging. The result: The two month digital campaign delivered 3,288 potential customers to the wireless service provider. Within the overall campaign was a custom audience built specifically around the customer’s needs. This portion saw an incredible .64% CTR (click-through-rate) and delivered over 1,600 potential customers!

The Goals

  • Create brand awareness in the Cleveland market
  • Gain exposure in key areas
  • Drive sales to a current promotional offer

The Approach

Audience, Behavior, Content and Intent ads targeted in the following ways:
  • Intent targeted to people with intent/interest to purchase mobile devices, mobile carrier plans, etc.
  • Content targeted around mobile & cell phone information
  • Demographically targeted by household income
  • Geographically targeted to ZIP codes in client’s
  • distribution area
  • Use of cleveland.com and the extended reach network (over 480 Ad Networks and 200,000 sites)
  • Creative kept the same across all platforms (desktop, mobile, and apps)
  • Impressions served over a sustained period of time

The Results

  • Geographically targeted desktop CTR was at .09%, which is the industry average
  • Using income demo targeting was not helpful, with a CTR of only .08%
  • Remessaging worked, with a CTR of .23%
  • The greatest impact came from intent and content (details in ‘The Approach’ bullets #1 and 2, above) targeting an audience based on the specific client need, with a CTR of .64%
People today are looking for more affordable wireless carriers that still allow them to have the most up-to-date phones and a high-speed network. In order to convey this message in a new market, the client used a digital campaign customized specifically to these customers to drive sales and bring results.

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