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The Rundown:

In 2014 we partnered with The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio to help them reach in-market tourists while they’re in close proximity of the Rock Hall. We, in conjunction with Advance Digital, proposed to implement a mobile-centric strategy to help create awareness for those who are in-market but not necessarily intending to visit the Rock Hall and to help focus intensity for those who are planning a visit. We conceptualized this as a mobile campaign using a combination of mobile web and mobile app targeting focused largely in the Cleveland – Akron DMA with some impressions delivered to the drive market. We segmented three audiences based on the personas identified by the Rock Hall, and optimized the targeting mix and delivery strategy around Rock Hall learnings about each segment. We drove clicks directly to to bring the click closer to an actionable point of intensity. We initially targeted delivery to mobile web and mobile apps, but early results showed significantly higher CTR’s on mobile app impressions along with an abundant supply in the target geographies so we optimized the campaign around mobile app delivery.


  • To increase museum ticket purchases during peak summer months for specific identified audiences.
  • Reach in-market tourists while they’re in Cleveland to reinforce the proximity of the Rock Hall.
  • Help create awareness for those who are in-market but not necessarily intending to visit the Rock Hall
  • Help focus intensity for those who are already planning a visit to the Rock Hall.

Approach: Mobile Targeting

  • Mobile App campaign flights targeting specific audiences during designated dayparts. Additionally, mobile display ads were served in bursts during holiday weekends when interest was anticipated to be highest.
  • We leveraged viewability analytics, to capture viewability and interaction data for this campaign. The recorded metrics against 4.5m observed impressions and observed that 84% of the impressions were in-view for more than one second and that the average in-view time was 33.7 seconds per view which exceeded benchmarks and are consistent with quality mobile app delivery.
  • Mobile Audience Targeting is inherently more difficult than targeting desktop devices; targeting data is less rich on mobile devices and a unified standard does not exist for targeting mobile devices. Having said that, by using our Data Management Platform to construct complex audiences we’ve been able to reach an active mobile audience with profiles that match the Rock Hall’s best customers.


More than 11 million mobile impressions were delivered in the summer tourist season and over 92,458 viewable impressions recorded. The Rock Hall reported a 15% average increase year over year for overall visitors and 20% increases for special time-sensitive promotions.