regen orthopedics

regen orthopedics


The Rundown

A local client wanted to highlight the innovative and modern procedure that is now available to help relieve pain in individuals with arthritis and similar health issues. With education and awareness being a top focus for this client, we were able to produce a native advertising campaign that highlights ways to target those who might need these services. The result: a 30-day native advertising campaign that successfully grabbed the attention on over 1,150 individuals, resulting in a 5.77% call-to-action. Additionally, there was a .75% CTR on the display ads, nearly 5 times the expected average.

The Goals

  • Create brand awareness within the Cleveland market
  • Educate the target market on alternative options to living with pain
  • Drive traffic to the client’s website

The ApproachRegen Leaderboard

  • We targeted several pages on that have an older demographic of readers since these are the individuals who tend to suffer from the pain of arthritis more
  • We used imagery of the targeted demographic in our ad units
  • We tested three different headlines, each one focusing on different pain-points, to identify which one performed best
  • Impressions served over a 30-day period in conjunction with other display advertising

The Results

  • The CTR for the native article was a 1.16% – compared to industry benchmarks of an expected 0.70% CTR
  • The rate that people clicked on the links inside of the article was a 5.77% CTA rate – compared to industry benchmarks of an expected 3.5% CTA.
  • The time on content was 2 minutes and 23 seconds, compared to the expected 1 minute and 20 seconds
  • Display ad units are expected to perform at a .06-.12% CTR – when partnering Native Advertising, the CTR is expected to double (.12-.24% CTR). These display units performed at a .75% CTR, nearly 3 times the maximum CTR expectations.

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