political advertising

Political Advertising

Advance Ohio can help convey your message to voters whose values align with your campaign or advocacy goals.

End-to-End Strategic Partner

Advance Ohio combines content, data and creative to deliver high impact placements during key moments and targeted placements to your universe of voters.

Voter File + Consumer Data + Readership

Advance Ohio knows more about your voters. Many places can target online advertising based on the voter file, but we go two steps further.

Audience Targeting + Sponsored Content

Advance Ohio’s studio can help you tailor rich media, video, or sponsored content to unique sets of voters.

Audience Insights

Advance Ohio can show you what people are reading, how they react to your message and if your campaigns are having an impact.

Advance Ohio Advantage: Targeting



We give you the opportunity to reach the right people at the exact moment you need to – when they are forming an opinion or making a decision.

political advertising

Audience Targeting + High Impact Native Advertising

Native advertising is the perfect solution for expanding your message beyond the constraints of a banner ad, while still isolating target voters.political advertising

Crisis Management & Rapid Response

When news about your campaign or candidate breaks, we can get the word out immediately.

Between our readership and content data, we can get your message out to the right audience when it matters most. While we can’t predict what content editorial will produce, campaigns can be set up with an always-on approach, targeting any relevant articles on the site. Advertising to offset or reinforce news is a powerful combination for any campaign.

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