What’s New in Google AdWords and How Will It Affect You

by Diana Prodan

2017 is already proving to be one of many changes in the ad world, and Google AdWords is leading the pack. Check out these three new changes that have either being recently implemented or are coming soon to your AdWords accounts: Read more


Digital Healthcare Marketing Strategies that Really Work

by Diane Kraemer

Constant change has become the norm for healthcare marketers these days, and that trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down as a new administration will inevitably mean changes to the healthcare system. That being said, there is one trend that isn’t going away in digital healthcare marketing, and that’s the focus on the patient. Healthcare has made the shift towards a value-based system, and healthcare organizations depend on patient satisfaction to not only maintain their current patients but to get referrals and gain new ones. Read more


The Future of Digital and Tech for Travel and Tourism

by Diana Prodan

Domestic travel spending in the U.S. reached $834.1 billion last year and is expected to top $850 billion in 2017. So what should travel and hospitality stakeholders look for when it comes to digital marketing this year? The number one driver to look out for in 2017? Technology. Technology is shaping the way we travel and the way travel destinations interact with travel consumers. Check out these trends that are on the rise in 2017: Read more


Measuring Your Lead Generation Strategy

by Diana Prodan

Good digital marketers who invest in building and implementing marketing strategies know that to get results, you need to measure your strategies and tweak them as needed. The same idea applies to individual pieces of the marketing strategies, including lead generation. Measurement isn’t just about spitting out your results, it helps you understand what you need to do to change your strategy to get better results. Read more

QUality Lead Generation

Tips for Enhancing Your Lead Generation Process to Gain Better Leads

by Diana Prodan

Everyone is always looking for more leads. Here’s the thing. Marketers know that we shouldn’t just be focusing on getting more leads, we should be trying to get more quality leads. We’ve compiled some ideas to help bring more quality leads straight to your sales team. Read more


Lead Generation: A Beginner’s Guide to Gaining More Inbound Leads

by Diana Prodan

In modern marketing, lead generation (or lead gen) has become a great way for companies to compete for business. But what is lead gen and what is the most effective way to accomplish it? Well, let’s start at the beginning: Read more


How Nonprofits Can Use Digital Tactics to Promote 5Ks

by Diana Prodan

Fundraising events are a staple in the nonprofit community, and it seems that in recent years, 5K races have become especially popular as a fundraising event. The key to having a successful fundraising event like a 5K is to get as many people engaged and involved as possible. That’s where digital marketing comes in. Below are some tips on how to get the word out about your 5K so you can make sure to optimize attendance and engagement. Read more


How to Explain the Value of Content Marketing to Your Leadership Team

by Kelly Brickman

Convincing your leadership team that you need content marketing and that there is significant value in the investment can be difficult. Anything that requires money being spent and budget reworked must have everyone on board. So how should you explain the value of content marketing to your leadership team? Read more


What’s New: Facebook Workplace

by Kelly Brickman

Facebook draws in more businesses than any other social media platform with over 60 million business pages. Facebook has been trying to upgrade its capabilities for businesses for a few years, and it has recently done just that with Facebook Workplace. Read more


Reach Last-Minute Students in Every Step of the Recruitment Journey

by Diane Kraemer

For most students, regular application deadlines for college are in January and February of senior year and decisions are usually made in the spring or early summer for the fall semester. Even if their search started early, many students will wait until the last minute to make each decision in their journey, from submitting applications to making a final decision. For higher ed marketers, this means that the last few weeks before deadlines are a critical time that some universities may be missing out on. Read more