QUality Lead Generation

Tips for Enhancing Your Lead Generation Process to Gaining Better Leads

by Diana Prodan

Everyone is always looking for more leads. Here’s the thing. Marketers know that we shouldn’t just be focusing on getting more leads, we should be trying to get more quality leads. We’ve compiled some ideas to help bring more quality leads straight to your sales team. Read more


Lead Generation: A Beginner’s Guide to Gaining More Inbound Leads

by Diana Prodan

In modern marketing, lead generation (or lead gen) has become a great way for companies to compete for business. But what is lead gen and what is the most effective way to accomplish it? Well, let’s start at the beginning: Read more


How Nonprofits Can Use Digital Tactics to Promote 5Ks

by Diana Prodan

Fundraising events are a staple in the nonprofit community, and it seems that in recent years, 5K races have become especially popular as a fundraising event. The key to having a successful fundraising event like a 5K is to get as many people engaged and involved as possible. That’s where digital marketing comes in. Below are some tips on how to get the word out about your 5K so you can make sure to optimize attendance and engagement. Read more


How to Explain the Value of Content Marketing to Your Leadership Team

by Kelly Brickman

Convincing your leadership team that you need content marketing and that there is significant value in the investment can be difficult. Anything that requires money being spent and budget reworked must have everyone on board. So how should you explain the value of content marketing to your leadership team? Read more


What’s New: Facebook Workplace

by Kelly Brickman

Facebook draws in more businesses than any other social media platform with over 60 million business pages. Facebook has been trying to upgrade its capabilities for businesses for a few years, and it has recently done just that with Facebook Workplace. Read more


Reach Last-Minute Students in Every Step of the Recruitment Journey

by Diane Kraemer

For most students, regular application deadlines for college are in January and February of senior year and decisions are usually made in the spring or early summer for the fall semester. Even if their search started early, many students will wait until the last minute to make each decision in their journey, from submitting applications to making a final decision. For higher ed marketers, this means that the last few weeks before deadlines are a critical time that some universities may be missing out on. Read more


How to Leverage Native Advertising for Your Brand

by Kelly Brickman

Native advertising is a unique, natural way to interest a consumer in your brand while still giving your brand the exposure you want. A widely-accepted definition of native advertising is “a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed”. In simpler terms, native advertising blends an ad within web page content so that it looks and acts like intended content, not an ad. Read more


How to Keep Up Engagement in the Post-Holiday Retail Season

by Kelly Brickman

Another holiday season has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean customer engagement should be gone as well. For retailers, the immediate post-holiday season is filled with merchandise markdowns, returns, and the pulling-back of spending by consumers. This makes post-holiday season the perfect time to continue the momentum into the new year. According to a study completed by BloomReach, 50% of consumers planned to shop for gifts after Christmas and 37% planned to purchase more than a quarter of their gifts after Christmas. This past holiday season, sales reached more than $655 billion, an increase from 2015 spending of $632 billion. People are willing to spend and it’s up to retailers to keep up engagement after the holidays. Read more


Why Bidding on Brand Terms is Important for SEM

by Kelly Brickman

If you have employed a paid search campaign, you should be focusing on your own brand and you can do so by bidding on your brand terms. While there are ongoing debates on the benefits of bidding on your own keywords, most seasoned marketers will tell you that you should be. The benefits of bidding on your own brand terms outweigh the cons because brand paid traffic is an essential part of an effective digital strategy. Read more


How to Make Sure Your Ads Don’t Get Denied on Facebook

by Kelly Brickman

Creating an advertisement on Facebook is relatively easy, but making sure your ad does not get denied can be tricky. When one places an order for an ad on Facebook, the ad is reviewed against their policies. Facebook reviews your advertisement’s text, images, targeting, positioning, and the content of your ad’s landing page. If you are unaware of Facebook’s policies you can view them here. Read more