ad agency

Life at an ad agency, summarized in GIFs

Working at an ad agency can be fun, fulfilling, frustrating, exhausting, and exhilarating all at the same time. If you’ve had the pleasure of working in this type of environment, you can relate to all of these moments.

When a client tells you your concept is missing something but they “don’t know exactly what.”

Or that the creative you’ve been working on for weeks is no longer needed.

When a deadline suddenly gets moved up.

And, of course, your computer crashes right before the deadline.

When a client meeting ends and there’s leftover snacks.

Actually, anytime you find snacks in the office.

Explaining your job to outsiders is usually a waste of time…

So it’s easier to say your job is like Mad Men.

When a competing agency gets recognized at an industry event, you’re like…

But when your agency wins…

There’s nothing better than seeing your brilliant strategy in action.

And you love nerding out about industry news with your coworkers.

Especially since your friends and family just don’t understand or care.

That feeling when you finally wrap up a huge project…

But then you’re right onto the next big thing.

And sometimes, you feel totally swamped…

But then you find the perfect strategic partner to help you out

And you’re back to your happy place.