Creating Experiences for Travelers Through Every Marketing Touchpoint

by Diane Kraemer

In travel marketing, every touchpoint is an opportunity. Marketers need to figure out how to get in front of their consumers during every stage of their travel journey. In the industry, some trends are much more effective than others at reaching consumers. We’ve compiled some of the most important travel industry trends and outlined why and how to use them to your advantage. Read more


The Experience Era of Travel Broken Down by Generation

by Diana Prodan and Diane Kraemer

 These days, American consumers are less concerned about things, and more concerned about experiences – at least that what they are spending more of their discretionary income on. Part of those “experiences” is travel. Read more


Stats for Every Micro-Moment in a Travel Consumer’s Journey

by Diane Kraemer

Remember what it was like trying to plan a trip before the internet, PCs, and smartphones were a thing? Calling around to travel agencies, having to go to their physical locations to sort out the details of your trip, cramming your glove compartment box full of brochures, itineraries, maps, and tickets to make sure your trip goes smoothly. It doesn’t seem like that long ago, but digital technologies have had quite a huge impact on the travel industry. Read more


What We Know About Winter Holiday Travel

by Diane Kraemer

Believe it or not, we are rapidly approaching the end of 2016, and you know what that means – the holidays are near. To many Americans, the holidays means traveling to visit family and friends. In fact, travel increases 54% over the Thanksgiving holidays and 23% over Christmas and New Year’s. We’ve taken a look at past trends to get a better idea of what motivates the winter holiday traveler and what marketers could do to get their attention. Read more

summe travel trends

Summer Travel Trends that Influence Your Marketing Strategies

By Kelly Brickman

2016 is experiencing another summer travel boom.  In fact, 35% of Americans are planning to take a family vacation of 50 miles or more away from home involving two or more immediate family members in the next 12 months. Leisure travel by domestic and international travelers totaled $650.8 billion in 2015, and is expected to rise this year. Americans love to travel, and out of those traveling for leisure in 2016, the top three reasons are to spend time with family and friends, to relax and rejuvenate, and to get away from normal everyday life. Read more

Essential CLE Printed Visitor’s Guide

Be part of an exciting advertising opportunity in our guide to going out in Northeast Ohio! This is perfect for businesses looking to get the attention of visitors during the RNC in CLE. Read more

travel micromoments

Micromoments Mean Business in the Travel Industry

By Jacquie Chakirelis

Back in the day when my family took vacations, we would go to the travel agency, meet with an agent, and trust that they would find the best rates for the vacation. This process has drastically changed in the digital marketplace. In 2015, 43.8% of travelers who booked trips digitally did so on a mobile device. With 35% of Americans planning on taking family vacations in the next 12 months, marketers in the travel and tourism industry need to turn their focus toward catching the micromoments. Read more