Optimizing your School’s Open House with Digital Marketing Solutions

by Brittany Draganic

The private school market is a pretty competitive one – just in Ohio, there are more than 1,100 private schools that serve more than 222,000 students. In a market with so much competition, wouldn’t it be nice to get an upper hand? One strategy to increase traffic is by focusing targeting students and parents at open houses. Read more


Trends to Shape your 2017 Marketing Budget

by Diana Prodan

The end of 2016 is quickly approaching, and as marketers are starting to develop their 2017 marketing strategies we’d all love to have a crystal ball to help in the planning process. Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future, but we can definitely make some educated and informed predictions based on current trends within the industry. Below are some of our predictions on what marketers should be focusing on in 2017: Read more


How to Gain Customer Insight Without a CRM

by Brad Ditmar

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are often expensive and even companies that have one are frequently challenged to get their workforce to use it consistently and accurately.  ­­For organizations that don’t have a CRM or have a CRM with bad or outdated data, it is still possible to gain insight into customer interests to provide the kind of relevant, personalized experience that people seek. Below are three strategies that companies without a CRM can use to learn about their customers. Read more

maximize targeting higher ed

4 Ways for Higher Ed Institutions to Maximize Location Targeting and Reach Potential Students

by Diana Prodan

As all the excitement of the beginning of the school year has begun to die down, it’s time to start planning for the next wave of marketing efforts. Have you considered location-based targeting for your higher learning institution? Below are four ways that location targeting can be used to target your ideal potential students:

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How Different Generational Audiences Consume Digital Content

by Diana Prodan and Sam Strauss

In our very digital age, millennials get a lot of attention for being the most focused online, and most likely to consume online marketing and advertisements. Turns out, that they are not the only generation that consumes content online. These days, just about every generation is online in some way, shape, or form and consuming content – so digital marketing shouldn’t just be about who to target, but how to target them. Check out how each generation consumes digital content below:
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sports audience

How Sports Audiences Can Help Bring Value to Your Marketing Campaigns

By Whitney Clayton

Sports! I’m sure you’ve heard of them. You know: tossing the pigskin, shooting hoops, or even a day on the links. Many of us have played them, and even more of us are fans, but it is that quintessential human need to belong to a community that makes sports audiences so essential to marketing campaigns. Read more

find your audience

Teach a Marketer to Fish for the Right Audience

By Mike Fagans

You know who your target market is, but how do you get the message directly to them? If you’re fishing for a shark, you wouldn’t put a worm on hook and cast a line into Lake Erie – it’s not likely there are many sharks in there. So why should your audience targeting strategy be different? With the right tools and vast availability of data, we now know exactly where your fish are and how you can catch them. You don’t want to pay for ads that aren’t in front of the right people—audience targeting will make sure your message reaches the relevant consumer. Read more

data results

Data + Proven Industry Solutions = Measurable Results

by Diana Prodan

Advance Ohio uses data coupled with proven industry solutions to provide measurable results for our customers. But what does that all mean? Read more

data management platform

What’s a Data Management Platform, and why does it matter?

By Aimee Rohr

Several years ago, our parent company, Advance Publications, made a commitment to the idea that data was the future of digital marketing.  With this in mind, Advance joined into a partnership with Lotame, a Data Management Platform (DMP), in order to house and mine information from our own online readers.  Thus begins our obsession with data! Read more

political audience targeting

The Art and Science of Political Audience Targeting

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Audience targeting is the art and science of using observed, declared, and predictive data to create targetable audience segments across networks, platforms, and devices. It’s mixing and matching data and content to build audiences that are actionable at a time and place the audience is ready to receive that message. In the political realm, audience targeting is about taking really statistically rigorous data sets and mixing them with intuition and experience gained from managing political targeting for different campaigns for many years. Read more