Social not the right fit

When Social Media is NOT the Right Fit

By Elise Yahner

I’m a big believer in the benefit of social media advertising. I think it’s a powerful way to humanize your brand and connect with the right audience and is a key part of the marketing mix. That being said, it’s not right for every business. Here are the situations where I would not recommend social media marketing. Read more

Beyond Boosted Posts

By Elise Yahner

If you think advertising on Facebook is just boosting posts, keep reading. Read more


What’s New: Facebook Workplace

by Kelly Brickman

Facebook draws in more businesses than any other social media platform with over 60 million business pages. Facebook has been trying to upgrade its capabilities for businesses for a few years, and it has recently done just that with Facebook Workplace. Read more


How to Make Sure Your Ads Don’t Get Denied on Facebook

by Kelly Brickman

Creating an advertisement on Facebook is relatively easy, but making sure your ad does not get denied can be tricky. When one places an order for an ad on Facebook, the ad is reviewed against their policies. Facebook reviews your advertisement’s text, images, targeting, positioning, and the content of your ad’s landing page. If you are unaware of Facebook’s policies you can view them here. Read more

Organic vs Paid Social Media

By Elise Yahner

Social media changes so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up with terminology and best practices. One of the biggest points of confusion that I see with business owners and marketers is the distinction and strategic balance between organic and paid social media. Understanding this is essential to creating a successful social media marketing strategy.  Organic and paid social media have distinct advantages, but work best when implemented together. Every popular social media outlet has paid and organic elements, but since Facebook is the largest social network (both in terms of users and advertisers) I’m going to focus on that platform in this article. Read more


4 Ways Social Media May Have Influenced the 2016 Presidential Election

by Diana Prodan

From secret social media groups to live rally videos and everything in between, social media played a huge role in the 2016 election. As digital marketing, and specifically, social media continues to grow, it’s important to take a look and how different aspects may have impacted the 2016 election and use those tactics in future elections at every level of government. Read more


Trends to Shape your 2017 Marketing Budget

by Diana Prodan

The end of 2016 is quickly approaching, and as marketers are starting to develop their 2017 marketing strategies we’d all love to have a crystal ball to help in the planning process. Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future, but we can definitely make some educated and informed predictions based on current trends within the industry. Below are some of our predictions on what marketers should be focusing on in 2017: Read more

small business challenges

How to Conquer the Top Digital Marketing Challenges for Small Business

by Diana Prodan

According to the 2016 Small Business Marketing Trends Report, only about 37% of respondents believe that their current marketing efforts are effective. In the same study, 46.8% of participants said that they as the business owner are the ones who manage the marketing. For small businesses, this isn’t surprising. As a business owner, you have so many other tasks to worry about – management, budget, sales, etc., and marketing is often just another task on the long laundry list of things to do. Hiring additional help to run marketing costs significant money, so marketing often just doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Below is a list of some of the biggest digital marketing challenges that small businesses face, and a couple tips on how to conquer them. Read more


Using Social Media for Recruitment

By Mike Fagans

Like a single 30-something swiping through profiles on a dating website, recruiters are also finding their own connections through social media: job seekers. The most successful recruiters know that many professionals spend time scrolling through posts, and will make an effort to reach their audience where they are – online. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, workers devote about an hour of their work day on social media. Whether it’s for business or personal use, employees are on social media and recruiters are taking note. According to a Society for Human Resource Management Study, 84% of recruiters are already using social media as part of their recruiting process. When you compare that to 2011 when only 56% of employers used it, you can see the rapid acceptance in recent years.
Read more

promote nonprofit event

How to promote your nonprofit event on Facebook

By Elise Yahner

Events are a major part of nonprofit fundraising and awareness building. That’s why nonprofit professionals need to borrow strategies from event professionals. People who live and breathe event marketing use social media as a key point in their promotion plan. If your event isn’t being talked about on social, then it’s probably not being talked about many other places either. Outside of the event realm, nonprofits in general are seeing a huge return from social media marketing because it gives people the opportunity to share and discuss the causes that are important to them. What nonprofit you support is part of your identity, and social media is all about establishing a public identity. Read more