How Nonprofits Can Use Digital Tactics to Promote 5Ks

by Diana Prodan

Fundraising events are a staple in the nonprofit community, and it seems that in recent years, 5K races have become especially popular as a fundraising event. The key to having a successful fundraising event like a 5K is to get as many people engaged and involved as possible. That’s where digital marketing comes in. Below are some tips on how to get the word out about your 5K so you can make sure to optimize attendance and engagement. Read more

Getting the Board on Board

Getting Your Nonprofit Board on Board with Digital Marketing

by Diana Prodan

You’ve spent countless hours organizing data, defining your audience, and creating a digital marketing strategy for your nonprofit, but there is one thing in your way: board approval. Read more

nonprofit digital

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

by Diana Prodan

Nonprofit marketers really are troopers. Not only do they juggle every aspect of marketing from email, to print, to events, to digital, and have to stay updated on everything at once – they have to stay within budget and answer to the board. Often, nonprofits are competing with more financially-endowed advertisers in a difficult online marketplace. It’s not easy, but there are ways to get the word out there in a cost-effective way. Below are six tactics that nonprofit marketers should be utilizing in their marketing strategy. Read more

Join Advance Ohio to Learn How to Engage Different Generations Online

As things continue to change rapidly in the nonprofit space, it can be a challenge to figure out the best way to connect and develop relationships with new and current donors, volunteers, and advocates.  When you start adding generational differences into the mix, it can become daunting to try and map out what makes the most sense. Read more


Using Data to Create a Nonprofit Donor Audience

by Diana Prodan

One of the great benefits of digital marketing is the amount of data that you can collect on your donors through the process. Digital channels offer insight into how your donors find and interact with your website, whether they read your emails, and how they engage with your organization on social media. This information, combined with demographics, past donations, and event attendance, and any other first, second, or third party data you can gain access to, can help further refine your donor base into specific audiences. You can then use this information to tailor your marketing efforts towards those audiences. Here are a few ways to get started:

promote nonprofit event

How to promote your nonprofit event on Facebook

By Elise Yahner

Events are a major part of nonprofit fundraising and awareness building. That’s why nonprofit professionals need to borrow strategies from event professionals. People who live and breathe event marketing use social media as a key point in their promotion plan. If your event isn’t being talked about on social, then it’s probably not being talked about many other places either. Outside of the event realm, nonprofits in general are seeing a huge return from social media marketing because it gives people the opportunity to share and discuss the causes that are important to them. What nonprofit you support is part of your identity, and social media is all about establishing a public identity. Read more

nonprofit digital

Nonprofits Missing Prime Opportunities for Digital Marketing

By Mike Fagans

Over the past year, nonprofits have seen growth in revenue across the board. In 2015, charities and nonprofits saw an increase of 1.6% in giving. What’s particularly interesting, is the shift towards online giving – while overall donations grew at 1.6%, online donations grew by 9.2% between 2014 and 2015. This shift in online giving solidifies the need for nonprofits to embrace digital marketing and to create a strategy that will compliment this trend and facilitate continued growth. Read more

crm nonprofit

Making your CRM Data work for your nonprofit organization

By Whitney Clayton

Nonprofit organizations often struggle to use digital strategies to win and convert supporters into volunteers and donors. Today, it is a requisite to invest in an online branding or donation strategy to reach your supporters where they are, specifically Millennials and Baby Boomers. It is essential that any online marketing strategy be rooted in consumer data, something most nonprofits have in abundance. Many nonprofit organizations rarely realize the enormous potential in collecting accurate, up-to-date consumer information and turning simple data into audience segments that can help build awareness and bring money into the organization. Read more

nonprofit social media myths

6 Nonprofit Social Media Myths Dispelled

Navigating the social media world is not easy for any industry, but can be especially difficult for nonprofit organizations. Low budgets and limited staff members who are already overworked and stretched thin doesn’t leave much time and energy to build social media networks. Even more frustrating is the large amount of misinformation and conflicting facts related to social media for nonprofit organizations out there. We’re here to clear up some of those things for you. Below are six nonprofit social media myths and the real story behind them: Read more

nonprofit storytelling

Make Your Nonprofit’s Mission into a Story

By Amy Neumann

What’s the #1 question that nonprofits should be answering in 2016?

What’s your story, and why should people care?

Storytelling is not a new concept. Here’s what is new – people are giving more of their money to charity than ever before. In 2014, Americans gave $358.38 billion, a 7.1% increase from 2013. As a nonprofit, it’s important to know how to get a piece of that pie, and turns out, all it takes is telling a great story. Read more