Measuring Your Lead Generation Strategy

by Diana Prodan

Good digital marketers who invest in building and implementing marketing strategies know that to get results, you need to measure your strategies and tweak them as needed. The same idea applies to individual pieces of the marketing strategies, including lead generation. Measurement isn’t just about spitting out your results, it helps you understand what you need to do to change your strategy to get better results. Read more

QUality Lead Generation

Tips for Enhancing Your Lead Generation Process to Gain Better Leads

by Diana Prodan

Everyone is always looking for more leads. Here’s the thing. Marketers know that we shouldn’t just be focusing on getting more leads, we should be trying to get more quality leads. We’ve compiled some ideas to help bring more quality leads straight to your sales team. Read more


Lead Generation: A Beginner’s Guide to Gaining More Inbound Leads

by Diana Prodan

In modern marketing, lead generation (or lead gen) has become a great way for companies to compete for business. But what is lead gen and what is the most effective way to accomplish it? Well, let’s start at the beginning: Read more