The Importance of Videos in Education Marketing

One of the ultimate storytelling vehicles of digital marketing, video is a great way to connect with people. With so many companies, organizations, and people on social media sharing videos, it could be difficult to break through the clutter, but education marketers still have a good chance to reach their audience by creating compelling stories through video. Below are some compelling reasons to continue to use and expand on your educational institution’s video marketing strategy: Read more


Reach Last-Minute Students in Every Step of the Recruitment Journey

by Diane Kraemer

For most students, regular application deadlines for college are in January and February of senior year and decisions are usually made in the spring or early summer for the fall semester. Even if their search started early, many students will wait until the last minute to make each decision in their journey, from submitting applications to making a final decision. For higher ed marketers, this means that the last few weeks before deadlines are a critical time that some universities may be missing out on. Read more


Using Digital Tools to Recruit International Students for Your University

by Kelly Brickman

According to the Institute of International Education, over one million college students studying in the U.S. are international students, and around 47% of those are from China or India. The United States has always been the destination of choice for international students which is why it is important to implement strategies to recruit them. Read more

Smarter, not Harder, Higher Education Marketing

Higher Ed 1

Colleges spend a lot of money to reach prospective students, but most of their efforts miss the mark. Why?

A limited understanding of student data hinders schools’ ability to target effectively.   Read more

maximize targeting higher ed

4 Ways for Higher Ed Institutions to Maximize Location Targeting and Reach Potential Students

by Diana Prodan

As all the excitement of the beginning of the school year has begun to die down, it’s time to start planning for the next wave of marketing efforts. Have you considered location-based targeting for your higher learning institution? Below are four ways that location targeting can be used to target your ideal potential students:

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university marketing mix

The Right Marketing Mix for Your University

By Diana Prodan

We live in a digital world where corporations, organizations, and marketers continuously  come up with new and exciting ways to promote their products. While universities have marketing departments that try to keep up with the newest trends, understaffing and small budgets often make this a challenge. What’s even more intimidating for marketers is the idea that they have to drop all their traditional efforts of email, direct mail, and phone calls in favor of a digital strategy. In reality, the best strategy for universities to reach their potential and current students is through a solid mix of both traditional and emerging digital marketing – a campaign that will reach students from multiple effective touchpoints. Here are the stats to prove that adding digital campaigns can enhance previously established traditional recruitment efforts: Read more


Strengthening Your University’s Enrollment Numbers

By Kelly Brickman

For younger generations, especially those recently graduated from high school, continuing education has become less of an option and more of a necessity. As of 2014, there were 20.21 million students in the United States enrolled in higher education. While the number of students enrolled in college continues to grow, this growth needs to be supplemented with additional professors, housing, and other student welfare needs – which, of course, affects tuition rates. The cost of tuition is a huge factor affecting where a student will choose to continue his/her education, but there are ways colleges can allow people to see past all of the dollar signs and enter them into their world of learning. Read more