eldercare marketing

Are You Reaching the Right Audience with Your Eldercare Marketing?

By Kelly Brickman

According to BCC Research, the U.S. eldercare market reached $417 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $512 billion by 2020. In other words, this market is massive. For those in the eldercare industry, you are aware that your marketing efforts should not only focus on the aging population, but you also have to give attention to their children, who are often making medical decisions on behalf of their parents. Read more

digital hospital

Breaking Down the Digital Hospital Selection Journey

By Kelly Brickman

When people are selecting which hospital they want to receive care from, they have more than 5,600 options – that’s how many registered hospitals there are in the U.S. To be fair, it’s pretty rare for a person to drive more than an hour to go see a primary care physician for an annual physical, but not as rare for someone to travel across the U.S., or further, to see a specialist in their field, like an oncologist. Whether your healthcare organization is trying to attract people from around the world or is trying to attract local business, it is important to understand why it is pertinent that you have a strong digital presence in a patient’s hospital selection journey. Read more

return on community

Healthcare Marketers Should Measure Their Investment in the Community

By Kelly Brickman

It is widely known that the healthcare industry is facing significant changes. These changes are not only affecting the patients and providers, but also the marketers. Consumers expect more from organizations and what the consumer wants the consumer gets.

Most healthcare providers understand the importance of return on investment (ROI), but not all understand the greater importance of return on community (ROC). Return on community is just how it sounds: making an investment in the community and realizing a return. Return on community is becoming the focus amongst many healthcare marketers because of impact it makes. Read more

healthcare digital

Digital Goals All Healthcare Providers Should Have

By Kelly Brickman

It is no secret that we live in the age of everything digital, and that extends to healthcare. The notion of telehealth (or telemedicine) is quickly gaining popularity. According to Cisco, in 2013 there were 350,000 telemedicine patients, and by 2018 that number is expected to reach 7 million. Read more