Manage Your Content Process by Embracing the Content Calendar

by Diana Prodan

Research shows that more than 90% of companies are now using a content marketing editorial calendar. Creating a content calendar seems like a daunting task, but is well worth the effort to get your team on the same page. It can help you keep your content consistent and relevant, and of course, will help you keep your management in the loop of what you are doing. Read more


Tips and Tools for Better Content Creation

by Diana Prodan

Consistently writing quality content is not easy. Not only do writers need to come up with concepts, but they need to turn those concepts into unique and interesting ideas, research those ideas and organize them into actual content, then edit the content into something that is easily digestible by the audience. Some writers are lucky enough to have a team that works on the different parts of the content, and some have to do it all themselves. Luckily, there are tools out there that can help writers or writing teams create better, more organized, and easy to read content. We’ve created a list of some of our favorites below: Read more


Trends to Shape your 2017 Marketing Budget

by Diana Prodan

The end of 2016 is quickly approaching, and as marketers are starting to develop their 2017 marketing strategies we’d all love to have a crystal ball to help in the planning process. Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future, but we can definitely make some educated and informed predictions based on current trends within the industry. Below are some of our predictions on what marketers should be focusing on in 2017: Read more


Why You Should Create Long-Form Content

By Diana Prodan

We’ve long established that consumer attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and content marketers should be focusing on creating visual and snackable content. That being said, there is a huge value to creating high-value, long-form content like ebooks, whitepapers, and case studies. Read more


B2B Content Marketing Stats You Can’t Ignore

by Diana Prodan

Content Marketing Institute recently came out with their latest research: B2B Content Marketing 2017 – Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends – North America. The seventh annual survey takes a look at how the content marketing industry is maturing within the B2B sector. The research was based on 1,100 B2B marketers in North America who were surveyed in July and August of 2016. We’ve pulled some of the most interesting and thought-provoking statistics from the survey that should be making an impact on your content marketing strategies. Read more


The Benefits of Blogging for B2B

by Diana Prodan

Many B2B marketers have begun to embrace content marketing as part of their overall marketing plan, and there’s no question why. Great content builds trust and keeps prospects engaged, and when they are ready to buy, the content will be top of mind. Content can be used to nurture customers in every step of their path to purchase – from building awareness of the brand, to improving visibility, to creating loyalty. Investing resources into creating content builds a thriving customer base for the long haul. Read more


Go Green – How to Market Your Business as Eco-Friendly

by Kelly Brickman

In 2015, the US energy consumption by source was petroleum (36%), natural gas (29%), coal (16%), renewable energy (10%), and nuclear electric power (9%). While renewable energy is currently only one-tenth of all energy use, the consumption is growing every year as businesses and consumers go greener.  Marketing your business as green is a smart idea, especially in the energy industry, as long as you actually are green. You do not want to make the mistake of marketing your business as green unless your messaging blends transparency, practicality, and savviness. Read more


Tips for Creating a Solid Small Business Content Strategy

by Diana Prodan

Small businesses are often at a disadvantage when it comes to digital marketing, because they have less capital and resources that limit what they can do. These disadvantages don’t mean small businesses shouldn’t invest in digital marketing, but they do mean that tough choices have to be made on what digital marketing strategies are most efficient and effective for them to use. Because of this, small businesses often turn to content marketing first – it is approachable, affordable, and repurposeable if other strategies are implemented in the future. That being said, content creation can still be an intimidating process. Below are some tips to help create a great content strategy that can help a small business organize their content creation process.
Read more

small business challenges

How to Conquer the Top Digital Marketing Challenges for Small Business

by Diana Prodan

According to the 2016 Small Business Marketing Trends Report, only about 37% of respondents believe that their current marketing efforts are effective. In the same study, 46.8% of participants said that they as the business owner are the ones who manage the marketing. For small businesses, this isn’t surprising. As a business owner, you have so many other tasks to worry about – management, budget, sales, etc., and marketing is often just another task on the long laundry list of things to do. Hiring additional help to run marketing costs significant money, so marketing often just doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Below is a list of some of the biggest digital marketing challenges that small businesses face, and a couple tips on how to conquer them. Read more

promote your content

4 Ways You Should Be Promoting Your Content

by Dan Hartman

Content marketing is basically just using content to market your business. The goal is to create a way to disseminate the educational, awareness-driving, and research pieces that promote your brand and mission. So many times, marketers create these great content pieces to promote their business, post it up onto a blog, and then forget about it. What good does that do? With so many channels out there to market your information, it’s a waste to not use them all to promote your great content. Below are four ways that you can make that extra push to promote the great content you’ve created. Read more