Breaking Down Auto Dealership Marketing by Customer Focus

by Steve Erne

Just about every business strategy depends on rules and principles that come together to formulate a plan of action, and marketing is no different. One rule that is well known in the marketing and sales community is the 80/20 rule – 80% of your profits come from 20% of your customers, and therefore sales people need to devote more attention to developing opportunities geared towards that 20% that will drive revenue. Read more


The Auto-Financing Bubble Could Mean Big Trouble for Dealerships

by Jon Burger

The post-recession recovery has been especially friendly towards the U.S. auto market. Auto manufacturers, dealerships, and consumers have all seen great benefits from low borrowing costs, which have stimulated demand for cars and trucks. That being said, recent market trends are showing that buyers are beginning to tap the breaks on car purchases. Recently, trends have been pointing towards a peak in post-recession new car sales, more people borrowing money to buy cars, and used car inventories on the rise. As these trends grow, so does the automotive bubble and these three ingredients might just be the right mixture that will burst that bubble. Read more

Putting your Automotive Search Campaign in the Driver’s Seat

by Kirk Lutz

 In the wild and wonderful world of search engine marketing, it can be difficult for automotive dealerships (or anyone for that matter) to know how to optimally structure a search campaign.  A dealership has multiple fronts to focus efforts on, for example, new cars, and used cars (including certified pre-owned). With numerous makes and models inside those aforementioned categories, it can become quite confusing when you layer in search engine elements to structure a campaign.  Knowing which keywords to bid on for a particular car and how to group campaigns, adgroups, etc. can become rather cumbersome & overwhelming, leading to a burnout. Read more

auto crm

Utilizing CRM in the Automotive Industry

By Kelly Brickman

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is one of the best technological tools any company could utilize to enhance its capabilities. Automakers and dealerships need advanced integrated CRM systems that have access to holistic information and data for all customers at each stage of their buying journey. Many companies within the automotive industry have begun to immerse themselves into digital innovation with CRM, but not all fully leverage it. Read more

millennial car buyer

Shifting the Auto Industry Towards The Next Generation of Car Buyers

By Kelly Brickman

Not too long ago, Millennials struck fear into the hearts of car dealerships. Dubbed the “go nowhere” generation, the New York Times claimed that Millennials would be the “End of Car Culture”. Well, breathe easy car dealers – turns out Millennials were just late bloomers: in 2014, Millennials accounted for more than 25% of car sales. That being said, it’s in the best interest of car dealerships to start marketing with this generation in mind. Read more

dealership social media

How to Put Your Dealership’s Social Accounts in Drive

by Kelly Brickman

Automakers sold 17.5 million cars and light trucks in 2015, which was a record growth in sales, up 5.7% from 2014. While shopping on an auto lot, 63% of shoppers use their mobile device for research. To give some perspective, that means 11 million of the 2015 auto buyers researched on their mobile device while at the dealership. Read more

auto digital

Six Reasons Why Your Auto Dealership Needs Digital Advertising

By Kelly Brickman

The U.S. automotive industry is the second largest industry spender on digital advertising. This year, the industry is expected to spend $8.71 billion on digital advertising, and by 2020 those numbers are expected to surpass double digits, estimated at $14.14 billion. Read more