facebook news feed

Facebook’s news feed update gives priority to shareable content

By Elise Yahner

Remember back in the mid 2000s when Facebook would change something and people would flip out? College students were outraged when Facebook became available to everyone. People scratched their heads when “tagging” became a possibility. And when the news feed design got rearranged, people started groups on Facebook to complain about Facebook. Now, it seems that Facebook makes a product change announcement at least weekly, so it’s easy to ignore their press releases. But their recent announcement about the news feed is a big one. Read more

google+ seo

Why your business needs a Google+ page (and how to set one up)

By Elise Yahner

When you think about social media, the first platforms that come to mind are probably Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and maybe LinkedIn or Pinterest, depending on your industry. Most people wouldn’t think about Google+. After all, less than 1% of the 2.2 billion Google+ accounts are truly active since a Google+ account is automatically created when you sign up for other Google services. But unlike other social media platforms, Google+ is not all about engagement and followers—it’s about being found. We’ve talked about the importance of having a strong SEO strategy, and Google+ is a quick and easy place to start. Read more

social media politics

Sway the Vote with Social Media

By Elise Yahner

Political campaigns probably bring to mind images of TV ads, phone polling, yard signage, and direct mail—that’s how elections have been run for decades. But that’s not how voters connect anymore. In the past decade, social media usage in the U.S. has jumped 58%, and two-thirds of Americans adults are now active on social media. Although young adults are the most likely to use social media, this increase in usage has occurred across the board for age, gender, and ethnicity. So if you’re running a campaign—be it for a person or a cause—don’t discount social media as a means for swaying votes. Read more

twitter characters

Soon, You’ll Be Able to Say More on Twitter

The world of social media is ever-changing. In just the past few months, we’ve written about Facebook’s new Instant Articles, Snapchat’s new Geo-Filters, and Instagram’s new Algorithm. Twitter has been keeping social media marketers busy with some new products as well with the introduction of GIF search and an integration with Periscope. The most recent Twitter announcement, though, has those social media gurus like:


Read more

facebook live

Tips for Becoming a Star on Facebook Live

By Diana Prodan

Facebook has added a new feature that provides an engaging way for brands and people to communicate, and directly competes with live streaming apps Periscope and Meerkat – Facebook Live. We recently wrote about Instant Articles, which makes reading mobile content easier and more streamlined. Now, Facebook Live focuses on making the audio-visual experience easier, allowing you to broadcast live directly from Facebook. First introduced to a select group of accounts last summer, Facebook Live is now a basic feature on everyone’s mobile account in the U.S. that uses Facebook’s iOS and Android apps. It is available for individuals and pages. Read more

facebook instant articles

6 Things You Need to Know about Facebook’s Instant Articles

By Diana Prodan

For about a year now, Facebook has been beta testing a new program with a few companies called Instant Articles. At Facebook’s annual F8 conference on April 12th, facebook instant articlesFacebook opened this new publishing option to anyone and everyone. Up to this point, anything that was shared on Facebook was always linked to an outside source. So when you clicked on it, the link redirected back to the original site and took some time to load. Instant Articles change this to make Facebook a publishing platform – users post their content straight to Facebook which creates a more direct route straight to their audience. Read more

snapchat 101

Snapchat 101

By Elise Yahner

You’ve heard of Snapchat. Your kids, coworkers and favorite celebrities use Snapchat. You might have even downloaded the app and tapped on it once before deciding that this social media platform wasn’t for you. But if you want to reach a younger audience and stay on top of social media trends, Snapchat is definitely for you. More than 60% of U.S. 13-to-34-year-old smartphone users are on Snapchat, and Snapchat recently surpassed Facebook in the number of daily video views. Despite the ghost icon, Snapchat isn’t scary—once you figure out the interface, it’s a total snap! Read more

local businesses rnc in cle

How local businesses can capitalize on the RNC in CLE

By Elise Yahner

The Republican National Convention is a huge opportunity for Cleveland businesses—thousands of people will be staying, shopping, and eating in the CLE and many will experience our great city for the first time. Just being open during the convention and hoping visitors stop by isn’t enough—you need to capitalize on this opportunity with an aggressive marketing campaign to make sure your business is at the top of RNC-goers list. Read more