FTC issues and social media

FTC Issues and Social Media

Content Marketing World 2015

By Elise Yahner

If you went to Content Marketing World this year, you probably came away feeling really inspired to create bigger, braver, bolder content. So you went back to your office and put together an amazing content production and distribution strategy, which probably involves some social media components. But before you hit “go” on your plan, make sure your social media tactics adhere to Federal Trade Commission guidelines. I know, it’s a big downer to have to bring a legal component into your creative, inspired plan. But an even bigger downer would be to get slapped with an $11,000 fine. Read more

facebook advertising tricks to try now

Facebook advertising tricks to try now

By Elise Yahner

Stuck in a Facebook advertising rut? If you’ve been using the same creative and targeting for a while, it’s time to shake things up. Even if you’re seeing good results from your ads, there could be room for improvement through experimentation. Here are 7 things to try when creating your next Facebook campaign. (You can click any of the example images to enlarge them.) Read more

guide to hashtags

Day-by-day guide to hashtags

By Elise Yahner

If you’re trying to promote your brand on Twitter or Instagram and you’re not using hashtags, you’re missing an essential element of a successful social media marketing strategy. Hashtags allow you to participate in discussions related to your product or industry. More importantly, they help people who are interested in the type of product or service you’re offering find you. You can put a pound sign in front of any string of words not containing spaces or punctuation and it becomes a hashtag. But just because you hashtag something doesn’t mean anyone’s searching for it. Read more

why no one is entering your contest

Why no one is entering your contest

By Elise Yahner

Contests and sweepstakes are a great way to promote your brand, generate engagement, and obtain leads—unless no one enters it. You spend a lot of time obtaining a prize, setting up the entry form, and making sure your promotion is legally compliant, so you want to ensure that people enter your giveaway. Before you launch your next contest or sweepstakes, read these tips to make sure your promotion isn’t a failure before it starts. Read more

guide to giveaways

Guide to Giveaways

By Elise Yahner

Prize giveaways are a great way to drive engagement with your brand, but they can also make your business vulnerable to lawsuits or other legal repercussions. It’s best to have your own legal council to advise you on best practices for conducting sweepstakes and contests. Full disclosure—I am not an attorney. But these tips are good to keep in mind when you set up your next giveaway. Read more